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Creative Minds FAQs

Q. How do I set up a Meet and Greet/Tour at one of your schools?

A. You can set up a tour on our Website by clicking on one of the "Schedule Your Meet and Greet" buttons (towards the bottom of each page) and following the cues. Please make sure to scroll down on the "Location" portion of the cues to view all locations. You can also call us at 503.252.0004 to reach someone who can help you set up your Meet and Greet over the phone. Please don't forget to bring your ID to your meet and greet for the security of our schools, children, and staff.

Q. What ages do Creative Minds Learning Centers (CMLC) provide school and care for?

A. Creative Minds serves children 3 months through Private Kindergarten. Please click on our school tabs located on our website's home page and scroll down to see which age groups are offered at each site.

Q. What are your hours of operation?

A. All of our locations are open Monday through Friday 7am-6pm.

Q. What fees are required to enroll at CMLC, and where can I find your rates and fees?

A. Creative Minds requires a one time registration fee upon enrollment and an annual (upon enrollment and yearly in July) books and materials fee. Depending on availability in your child(ren)'s age group at the location of your choice, you may also need to pay a wait list fee. Our Wait list fee will apply to any of our CMLC schools. Call 503-252-0004 for current tuition specials.

Q. What payment method(s) is taken at Creative Minds Learning Centers?

A. Fees that are paid during the enrollment process (registration fee, wait list fee, materials fee, etc.) can be paid using our online secure payment option (the blue button on the bottom left of our website's home page.) Upon enrollment you will fill out an ACH payment form so that monthly tuition will be pulled from your checking account on a set schedule each month. This is a convenient method for our families and eliminates paper waste to go along with our green school philosophy!

Q. Is Creative Minds open all year round?

A. Yes, Creative Minds schools are open all year round. Upon enrollment you will receive a calendar of school closures and events/activities so that you have plenty of time to plan ahead!

Q. How do I get started on the enrollment process?

A. Once you decide to enroll your child, please contact the director at the location that your child will be attending. The director will have you fill out an Enrollment Application, and if necessary a Wait List Application. Links to both of of these forms can be found at the bottom of our website homepage. Fees will be paid at this time, and you will receive access to our Parent Login on our website so that you can fill out the necessary paperwork. Your director will also set up a first day orientation with you so that you and your child have a chance to get acquainted with the school and procedures before your start date.

Q. What do I need to bring, and what can I expect at a First Day Orientation?

A. We provide a first day orientation at CMLC so that you and your child(ren) have a chance to get acquainted with and comfortable with the school, staff, and daily schedule/routines before your child starts school. This is a good time to turn in the required paperwork, pay the necessary fees for your child to start, learn where your child's cubby is located, and go over drop off and pick up procedures. This is also a great time to go over what your child will need to bring on his/her first day of school and ask any questions that you may have.

Q. What type of qualifications do Creative Minds teachers have?

A. Creative Minds teachers are highly qualified and have the necessary skills and experience to provide a safe and stimulating learning environment for our child(ren). We require our teachers to either hold a degree in Early Childhood Education, or have at least one year of qualifying teaching experience with the age group that they are going to be working with. Our teachers are also Love and Logic certified, equipping them with the tools and techniques to achieve healthy and respectful relationships with our children. They continue to further their education, keeping up with the latest developments in Early Childhood Education by taking at least 20 clock hours of continued education per licensing year. Creative Minds teachers are required to have current certifications in child/infant CPR and First Aid, as well as, an Oregon Food Handler's card. All of our teachers pass the Oregon Central History back ground check before becoming employed at our centers.

Q. Are Creative Minds Schools certified through the state?

A. Creative Minds Learning Centers are licensed centers through the state of Oregon. Our schools go above and beyond state standards, providing the best possible learning environment and education for the children in our care.

Q. What is the mission or philosophy of Creative Minds?

A. Our philosophy is to enrich children's lives with creative arts and accredited educational materials while developing self esteem, confidence and a sense of independence. Creative Minds schools focuses on the basis of early childhood development being "trichotomized" into a trio of goals: (1) social/emotional development and (2) intellectual development and (3) the acquisition of meaningful and useful academic skills. It is our duty to guide the children during the day in a structured setting. The children depend on the security of a daily routine and come to school excited to see their friends and teachers.

Q. Where can I find enrollment paperwork, the monthly newsletter and art calendar, and seasonal menu?

A. You can find this information, as well as school activities and closures, on our Parent Login link on our home page. Please ask your school's director for the login and password information.

schedule a meet & greet

Schedule a Meet and Greet

For Assistance with scheduling a Meet and Greet (or general questions), please call 503-252-0004.

We look forward to meeting your family.