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Our son has been going to CMLC Clackamas since he was 5 months old, he is now almost 15 months. He loves it there! The teachers are all so caring and help any parent feel at ease leaving their child in daycare. Our son always has a smile on his face when we arrive at CMLC. We love their KidReports app which updates us on his daily activities including what he had to eat and pictures of artwork, crafts and playtime. I would recommend CMLC Clackamas to any parent looking for a safe and friendly daycare!

Deirdre C. 5 stars - Excellent

Our 1 year old has been here a couple months, and we are very happy. They incorporate lots of artistic activities, even for the young kiddos, and do a lot of education for them. In the first month she was able to hit some milestones we had been having trouble with. The teachers are ultra sweet and seem to genuinely enjoy their workplace. The online app is also great to be kept up to date on our child’s day. We are really happy so far!

Rachel S. 5 stars - Excellent

Our family loves the teachers at Creative Minds. They are kind, thoughtful, energetic and truly loving towards our sons. We have complete peace of mind every day they are there, which exceeds all of our hopes for what a daycare could be.

Our daughter first went to Creative Minds Sellwood as a four month old. As a first-time mom, I was nervous to send my very young infant to daycare. The wonderful teachers put my mind at ease as every time I would drop her off or pick her up she was being wellcared for: being held, swaddled in her cozy bed, or playing with other infants and teachers. Now at a year old, our daughter has learned so much from her baby peers and teachers. Creative Minds is a health conscious, play-centered learning environment. As a teacher myself, I highly recommend this top notch daycare.

My kids love going to this daycare. The staff is very friendly and understanding, the prices are not to bad and it is always a joy when your kids are happy when you are not there with them. Big play area outside as well as indoors also. lots of fun field trips and activities to do during the day. I give this place thumbs up!

Our family is very grateful for the care that has been shown to our son in many ways by the staff at Creative Minds Learning Center. We especially like the educational activities, including sign language and basic Spanish. For example, I have been speaking Spanish with our son ever since he was born and I was thrilled when he taught me two color words that I didn’t know (marron for brown and rosado for pink) that he learned at school, and he loves showing us the signs for ‘yellow’ and ‘green,’ too.

My daughter had never been under any one else’s care other than mine and my husband’s since she was born. Creative Minds Learning Center is the perfect fit for our family. With the great teachers and staff, our daughter was able to make a very smooth transition and we’ve noticed so much growth in her since starting. They offer great art projects, time outside, as well as beginning academics to help the kids get introduced to school. I would never want to send my child anywhere else. I have recommended it to several friends and will continue to do so.

Creative Minds Learning Center has been an unbelievable school for my boys. Before coming to this school they had been enrolled in other daycares/preschools that were run by staff without a background in education. The difference between the two is striking. My sons have learned so much this year and are so excited to come to school and engage with the teachers and friends. I also enrolled them in the yoga and dance classes which have helped them become more excited about the arts. I would recommend this school to any of my family or friends.

Our daughter has been at CMLC for two years, and we couldn’t be happier. She loves her teachers and her friends, and we feel she is getting a very rich and fulfilling preschool experience. We especially value the exposure she is getting to art, music, dance, Spanish language, and healthy food (including how to cook!). As two parents who work full time, we feel that our daughter is receiving excellent care and education during the time we are not with her. She loves going to school every day, and that’s the highest praise we can give to the staff at CMLC!

My family is so happy to have found CMLC. Our daughters love coming to school and learning new things, which is creating a strong foundation for enthusiasm for their education. The teachers seem to appreciate my children’s individuality and promote creativity. They dance, sing, cook, make art, learn letters, and tell fantastic stories! I am so grateful to feel confident that I have a safe and loving space for my children. I never hesitate when I drop them off in the morning and they are always playing happily when I pick them up in the evening.

Our daughter, Taylor, started at Broadway Creative Minds when she turned three in 2008 and is now getting ready to graduate from their Kindergarten program. We enrolled our youngest daughter Chloe when she turned two and plan on watching her graduate from Creative Minds Kindergarten in a few years. We looked at over 12 schools and when we walked into Creative Minds Broadway we instantly knew it was the best choice by the way we felt when we were there. The teachers are genuine and love what they do. We have loved all our daughters teachers and feel so blessed that our children are taught and cared for by some of the most wonderful individuals! The school is always clean, safe, organized and decorated with new art projects weekly. I wish they had an elementary program, we would never leave.

It isn’t easy working full-time and sending my little precious boys to daycare, but having Creative Minds as the place they go every day certainly sets my mind more at ease. A million times thanks!

I just want to let you know how grateful I am to you and your Creative Minds employees. I am so thrilled that I have found a daycare where I feel that my children are so well cared for and loved. I was so impressed with the program on Friday and LOVED seeing both my little boys take such an active part in the performance. As you know, I was concerned going in that my son’s individual needs would be overlooked and have had nothing but assurance day after day that his needs are being met.

I love the teachers over at Broadway and think they are just working miracles. The other day I happened to show up just as the fire alarm was going off. Holly and Anna quickly grabbed the emergency supplies and had all the children out of the building and lined up against the fence in minutes. The children were completely comfortable with the ’emergency’ and the teachers were prepared and calm. It speaks volumes to the kind of training and professionalism that you ensure your staff receives. I am so grateful to have found you and please continue your good work. I tell everyone about you and your staff.

I just wanted to send a note to you regarding my experience at Creative Minds Portland. I have a 10-year-old who attended the same center and loved it then and my sentiment is the same now with my 3 year old. I wanted to voice to you how wonderful the staff is. Teacher Lydia, Taylor, Emily, Priscilla and Rudy are the teachers whom I have worked with the longest. I just think they are so awesome. I always tell people that it is rare that you find a place that still has staff present from 7 years ago. It is largely based on the individual who is leading the location and Emily just does a spectacular job. My daughter has had both Lydia and now Priscilla as her teachers and I just have to say I love them both. Both have listened to my concerns always and answered all of my questions. They have taken time to help my child transition well into their classrooms. They are just the best. Thank you and please continue doing what you do.

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