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MyCMLC Pre-K has fun LearningThe Creative Curriculum: teachingstrategies.com/curriculum/

Pre-K Program - Children ages 4 to 5 years old will work on more advanced skills and the nationally accredited High Reach Curriculum. The Pre-K Classroom is learning skills to prepare them for Kindergarten and will engage in a variety of hands on activities improving their visual skills, coordination and brain development with science, cooking, indoor planting and root studies and other Enrichment Programs (please visit our Program Page for more information). Your child may also participate in educational field trips to the Farm, OMSI, Children's Museum and other fantastic places.

CMLC Pre-K Class

Our Menu features delicious and healthy meals and snacks and is USDA approved. We are licensed by the State of Oregon and are proud of our educated, professional and caring staff. Come join us as we experience an exciting program filled with friends, arts, Preschool and adventures in a loving, safe and structured setting!


Creative Outlets 4 KidsWe are excited to offer Creative Outlets 4Kids at our schools. Creative Outlets 4Kids has professional dance instructors who come to our schools once a week teaching creative dance movement, yoga and more. If your child is enrolled in our program, you can sign them up for this enrichment class.

We offer a Reggio Emilia inspired Art area for your child to create works of art.

What is Reggio Emilia?

CMLC Pre-K PlaygroundReggio Emilia Approach to preschool education was started by the schools of the city of Reggio Emilia in Italy after World War II. There is much about Reggio Emilia's approach to child care and education that distinguishes it from other efforts both inside and outside of Italy, and attracts worldwide attention. Of special interest is the emphasis on children's symbolic languages in the context of a project-oriented curriculum. This feature has been well-documented in two traveling exhibitions. The Reggio Emilia approach is made possible through a carefully articulated and collaborative approach to the care and education of young children. The organization of the physical environment is crucial to Reggio Emilia's early childhood program, and is often referred to as the child's "third teacher". Major aims in the planning of new spaces and the remodeling of old ones include the integration of each classroom with the rest of the school, and the school with the surrounding community. The preschools are generally filled with indoor plants and vines, and awash with natural light. Classrooms open to a center piazza, kitchens are open to view, and access to the surrounding community is assured through wall-size windows, courtyards, and doors to the outside in each classroom. Entries capture the attention of both children and adults through the use of mirrors (on the walls, floors, and ceilings), photographs, and children's work accompanied by transcriptions of their discussions. These same features characterize classroom interiors, where displays of project work are interspersed with arrays of found objects and classroom materials. In each case, the environment informs and engages the viewer.

Pre-Kindergarten PortlandOther supportive elements of the environment include ample space for supplies, frequently rearranged to draw attention to their aesthetic features. In each classroom there are studio spaces in the form of a large, centrally located atelier and a smaller mini-atelier, and clearly designated spaces for large- and small-group activities. Throughout the school, there is an effort to create opportunities for children to interact. Thus, the single dress-up area is in the center piazza; classrooms are connected with  passageways or windows; and lunchrooms and bathrooms are designed to encourage community.



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