Private Kindergarten

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Private Kindergarten

Age Range:
5 - 6 years
Areas of Learning:


Reggio Emilia Art


Cultural Awareness

Creative Minds Learning Centers offers an exceptional Private Kindergarten Program, which gives children an edge when entering into elementary school. Our Private Kindergarten Program features small class sizes of only 10 children and is researched-based, field-tested, and aligned with state standards. The State of Oregon has recognized Creative Minds as an Oregon Program of Quality and we’re also recognized by Oregon’s Quality Rating Improvement System.

Our experienced teachers add unique touches to the highly acclaimed Starfall Curriculum and Everyday Counts Math Curriculum. Starfall and Everyday Counts Math introduce skills and strategies in sequence, then teach children how to apply, integrate, and practice these concepts throughout the year. Creative Minds offers these curricula in conjunction with social studies, history, language, reading, Reggio Emilia inspired arts, science, gardening, cooking classes, foreign language, dance, and other enrichment activities.

With learning objectives derived from an analysis of state requirements, our Private Kindergarten Program has been proven to build skills in many different learning domains. Our program utilizes a systematic approach to phonics, which gives children the skills needed to become strong readers and utilizes hands-on activities for language arts, science, math, and social studies.

A Well-Rounded Kindergarten Program

Our Private Kindergarten Program is well-rounded with a Reggio Emilia inspired arts program that takes place in a structured environment that also includes science projects, language immersion, music, dance, and enrichment classes. This program also promotes healthy lifestyles with gardening and cooking classes and a vegetarian menu featuring organic dairy products.

Our kindergartners learn valuable social skills and build strong friendships thanks to our small classroom sizes. They are also involved in community programs such as recycling, composting, library outreach, and meeting community helpers.

Skills & Concepts Covered in Kindergarten:

  • Letter Recognition
  • Initial Consonant Sounds
  • Long & Short Vowel Sounds
  • Blending Phonemes
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Creative Writing
  • Number Concepts
  • Addition & Subtraction
  • Ordinal Position & Patterning
  • Measurement, Time & Money
  • Prediction, Analysis & Experimentation
  • Cultural Awareness